Acing your self love portraits!

 While it’s 100% normal to get a little or a  lot nervous before any photo shoot, all women deserve to feel like a complete goddess & treat themselves to a creative & empowering shoot to remember forever. 


I know it can be a little hard sometimes to dive into something like this, you’ve seen the posts on Instagram & you’re loving it & everyday it’s making you feel more empowered to jump in & do it yourself! But you’re not sure what to expect, you’re not sure if you’re photogenic enough etc. etc. 


First of all you are going to ace this! You are beautiful & you deserve to love yourself & spend an afternoon getting creative & celebrating you, & I’ve got a few tips to get you feeling prepped & confident!


  1. Remember your why! Why did you want to book this session in the first place? Is it to celebrate your body? to get creative? to feel beautiful? to share your story? Whatever it may be, remember that & share it with me if you want to, so I can help you too. I want you to leave your session feeling full of life & confidence. 
  2. Remember that no one expects you to be a model. No one expects you to know exactly what to do & you are in a safe place with no judgement. 
  3. Trust in me! It’s sometimes easier said than done but let go & trust me. It’s my job to guide you, to help you feel the most confident & get the most beautiful, real & raw shots, that you’ll fall in love with. 
  4. Have fun! The experience is just as important as the end result & believe it or not, when you’re having fun you’ll find we get the best shots anyway. 


 What to expect at your session:


In preparation for your shoot we will talk outfits, vision & contracts. These photos are yours & in no way do you need to feel like you have to let me share the photos from our session online, just simply let me know if you’d prefer I didn’t & I’ll amend our contract. 


On the day we will meet at the shared  gps location, usually a car park somewhere nearby. You can come dressed in your shoot outfit- this can be your favourite lingerie, bikini, a robe or your favourite outfit, or you can get changed at the location- I’ll let you know in advance if there are bathrooms near by. Feel free to bring any props too- fruit, flowers, plants whatever your heart desires! 


I generally start our sessions of with a little chitchat to get you feeling more comfortable before I pull out the camera. We’ll chat as I guide you down to our spot; we are usually shooting outdoors at sunset but never fear I always find a quiet, more sheltered spot so that we have a little more privacy. 


Most of my self love sessions go for around 20 minutes & in the last 5 minutes, if you haven’t already I’ll ask if you’d like to take a couple nude shots, this is obviously completely optional! Once our time is up I’ll grab my Polaroid camera & snap one last shot for you to take home with you as a little keepsake. 


After our session, usually within 24-48 hrs you’ll receive a cute little sneak peek 

via Instagram dm! Then finally your complete gallery will come to you in around 2-4 weeks. The wait will be hard, but it’ll be worth it! It’s also worth noting that these sessions are for self love & body positivity, so I do not use photoshop to change or alter your body. I can remove a pimple or a bruise if you’d like me to, but every single roll, dimple & bump is worth documenting, celebrating & loving. 


I know the fear of the unknown sometimes holds us back from these sorts of opportunities so I hope this blog helps you & encourages you to dive in! Our sessions are all about you, it should be fun & empowering & when you rock up as your true self, that’s when magic happens. 

If you're interested in booking in for your own self love portraits email us at & lets get creative together & celebrate beautiful you!

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