The Power of Women's Circles


You may have noticed that in the last year or so female power has been rising! Women are coming together to support one another & celebrate many of the things that we have been forced to suppress in the past. Women are seeking the community that these circles offer, a space to hold for one another, celebrate their femininity & voice their struggles & fears. 

What makes a women’s circle different from other gatherings?

A women’s circle is a space where you can share, listen, and learn without judgement. There is no advice given, or attempts to fix each other; we simply gather to hold space for those who need it. 

A women’s circle is a safe place where you can share your deepest fears & hopes & be vulnerable; a place where everyone is equal.


What can you expect during a women’s circle?

At our women’s circle you can expect to find like minded women ready to show up in all of their raw vulnerability, strength, fear & joy. We ask that you do the same, be present & open. The circle is a space to lift each other up & create a safe space for us to tap into our natural intuition & follow our heart to find what we really need. 

You may feel some discomfort, there may be some tears shed, maybe laughing & dancing. You may find you feel several emotions but it’s important to remember that you are safe & there is no judgement in this space. 

The practices and rituals hosted in our circles will differ from circle to circle but generally include light, beginner friendly yoga, meditation, discussions, mindful eating & sometimes even card readings or sound healing. 


What makes our circles different? 

Something that’s really important to us is self love & body positivity. With each circle we invite those who feel called to join Katie, the founder of Wilde Blou Essentials & experienced photographer, for a one on one, 5 minute mini shoot. A moment just for you. A moment for creativity, love & acceptance. 

We allow enough time for all the women in our circle to partake in our mini self love sessions, if they so please. At sunset as our practices & rituals begin to wrap up & the women continue in conversation & indulge in a picnic, one by one each woman who feels lead can slip away for a quiet moment of self love & reflection as Katie captures you in whatever state you may be. 

Each mini session gives you 3 images sent via digital gallery as well as a sweet keepsake polaroid to take home on the night. 


What do I wear to a women’s circle? 

It may seem like an odd question to include on a blog post, but if you’re anything like me, this is a question I ask myself before every event & wish I knew the answer to ease my mind!

We encourage you to wear what you would feel most comfortable & empowered in. Many of our circles are held at the beach or by a creek with a large focus on self love & body positivity, so a bikini or your favourite pair of underwear often feels like the perfect outfit. Feel free to wear your favourite dress, yoga wear or perhaps a robe or sarong, whatever you’d feel most comfortable in. 

With every circle we send through a brief email on what to wear, what to bring etc. so you can focus on getting the most out of the circle & avoid sweating the small stuff.


What are the benefits of a women’s circle?

Women gathering in a supportive space such as a women’s circle, releases the hormone oxytocin; also called the Love Hormone, also the hormone that is released during and after childbirth that encourages maternal bonding, thus creating a strong sense of community & acceptance.

Circles allow you to be open about issues that you are dealing with while also learning through others’ experiences, we celebrate our feminine energy, we allow ourselves time and space to heal and inspire ourselves and each other. 

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