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Fragrance is a term used to give any company the ability to hide toxic ingredients from us & call it “trade secret”. There are 12,500 chemicals that these companies can hide under the word fragrance or perfume & a majority of them are toxic to our physical & emotional health. They’re what we call endocrine disrupters, this means that they mimic our real hormones & cause major imbalance, which not only often leads to depression & anxiety but may be a contributing factor in cancer, heart disease, weight gain, irregular periods & miscarriage. I began to read the labels on all my household & beauty products and discovered this word was on almost all of them! I decided I needed to ditch those products & find completely transparent & natural companies to provide me with these every day items. I began to look into different ways to naturally support my emotional health & discovered essential oils & the countless benefits they provide. 
I was hooked. These precious little bottles smelt like heaven & were supporting my body in more than just one way. I remember back in my early teen years when I looked up to all these beautiful older celebrities & they all had these amazing perfume lines & my Mother & older sister always had these beautiful & luxurious perfumes & I remember thinking to myself, that’s what women do, they wear perfume & so I did too. I had a handful of perfumes & every year for my birthday I’d ask for some new concoction made by the latest movie star. I’d use these sprays on my body everyday & so did all of my friends. We’d often go to the shops & spray nearly every perfume in the place, looking for that perfect scent. It was fun but looking back now I cringe. Especially in our teen years our hormones are so susceptible & these perfumes were causing so much imbalance.
I want to empower women to take control of their health & make the change to a more natural & balanced life. I want something different for my step daughter, for my friends daughters & for the women in my life, I want to set an example & provide a better option for all.  May these beautiful perfumes serve as not only a natural alternative but encourage mindfulness & emotional balance in our everyday lives. As women our lives are often filled with chaos & many of us struggle to find time to care & love ourselves the way we used to. I hope these sweet little perfumes can help put a little self love back into our daily routine & make us feel empowered & beautiful everyday.