As women we are sold a narrative of busy-ness, productivity and value exchange. We are told to view our worth through a lens of what we have to offer, what we can contribute and how much capacity for giving we have. It is an exhausting narrative. It oftentimes leaves us depleted, spent and wondering when the next opportunity to “fill our cup” will be.


When I first dipped my toes into the world of essential oils and earth-conscious consumption with Wilde Blou Essentials, we were quite product focussed, offering unique picnic and perfume making classes. Offering a fragrance alternative in the form of delicate essential oil perfumes and skincare was so incredibly important to me, as was fostering deeper connections with likeminded women. As interest grew, so did our range, with the inclusion of ceramics, prints and other small gifts from brands who shared the same ethos of prioritising our health and giving back to the earth.


Being an avid essential oil lover, I could not discount the way in which these precious blends were naturally and holistically supporting my emotional health. They encouraged mindfulness and offered such a gentle space for me to practice emotional balance, despite the day-to-day chaos of running a busy household and blossoming photography business.


Wilde Blou Essentials allowed me the opportunity to connect with many like-minded women who echoed my feelings of defeat when it came to carving out time for ourselves. While we frantically reached for Lavender and Neroli, there was a yearning to slow down and truly nourish our mind and soul.


Blending Wilde Blou Photography with a concept for Women’s Circles centred around self-love, body acceptance and giving back, Wilde Blou Essentials pivoted, creating a marriage between the natural tools for self-care that I relied on every day and the intentional act of taking part in a supportive, safe workshop which celebrates women.


Whether you are browsing intentionally through our online shop or choosing to carve out time for yourself with a Women’s Circle booking, please know that your interest in Wilde Blou Essentials does not go unnoticed. We cannot wait to share in the journey with you.