Not all essential oils are made equally; many companies cut corners & add synthetic chemicals to stretch the oils further and make a quick buck. It can be really hard to find good quality oils & a company that is completely transparent & willing to share ALL the facts! After months of research we have selected a supplier that provides the highest quality oils on the market, so that we can provide the most pure oils to effectively & safely support both you & your family, in every area of life.
Our Essential Oil supplier has the most thorough quality assurance practices in the biz. To guarantee the highest quality oils, before even planting any seeds, they go back through generations to make sure that no pesticides or chemicals have ever touched the land before, they go back hundreds of years & make sure that there is nothing in that soil that could harm the plants.
They then come and test the PH of the soil, they check the surroundings & make sure it’s a safe distance from factories, to ensure no possible pollution of the plants. Our company also never use nasty pesticides on or around the precious plants. The only pest control they use is essential oils! And they hand weed everything! In harvesting season, before distilling the oils, for weeks scientists run micro distillations every 2 hours to ensure they distill the oil at the perfect time for each individual type of plant.
At its peak time they then ensure each plant is distilled at the exact temperature for that specific plant. This is such an important point! Many companies distill oils at a higher temperature to distill the oil faster & pay less labor but these high temps destroy so many of the oils properties and become practically useless! For example if you take cypress and distill it at the perfect temperature, it’s got 288 chemical constituents inside it, but if you heat it up just 10 degrees too warm, it has 11. They then run the essential oils through an 8 step testing process to make sure they caught the plant at the perfect time and it is of the highest & most pure quality, then they third party test it.
It’s such an incredible process that I trust wholeheartedly. One of the things I love about the company is that you can walk onto any one of their farms at anytime and go through all the doors, open everything up, just walk through and see how it’s all run, just grab any employees, ask them questions - there’s a total open door policy! If you have any questions about where or how each individual oil is distilled feel free to reach out & contact us.